Wee Gems nurseries award ceremony

We are having an awards ceremony event on the 23rd of November 2019 at the Deer Park Golf and Country Club. This will be an entertaining evening for our hard-working team and a night that they can get recognition for all their hard work.

Wee Gems team have been exceptional in providing outstanding care for all the children and they spend many hours training outwith their normal working hours to make sure that they are creating a safe and stimulating environment for the children.

The award categories and sponsors are:

Trainee of the year

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Workflo solutions have been supporting Wee Gems nurseries with high quality print solutions, making sure all our branches have access to high quality printers and speedy support. A local company with global ability.

Under 1 Practitioner of the year

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Director 4 Hire is the managing company behind Wee Gems operation, where the founder/director offers innovative management solution to Wee Gems group. In addition Director 4 Hire provide a number of services such as building projects and business solutions.

1-2’s Practitioner of the year

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Azilo training have been a major part of Wee Gems world by providing ongoing training to our team, a truly professional and caring organisation. Azilo’s contribution to childcare sector is very much appreciated.

2-3’s Practitioner of the year

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Peter Vardy BMW are a dealership like no other, they have over years offered outstanding service with considerable savings to Wee Gems directors and associates, a truly unique and professional outfit.

3-5’s Practitioner of the year

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Honeysuckle catering have been providing quality meals to two of Wee Gems branches on a daily basis, also supporting other branches on demand. A unique company offering a unique service.

The parents Nomination

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William Yules have been supporting Wee Gems catering team with prompt and exceptional service, they deliver quality food products to all Wee Gems branches. A long-established family business who genuinely care about their customers.

Manager of the year

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Clydesdale bank supported Wee Gems group when no other bank showed any interest.  Their outstanding relationship manager Graeme Muir, East of Scotland; Regional Manager Stephen Buchan and the private banking manager Tamara Crowson have been a huge part of the Wee Gems success story.

Deputy manager of the year

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Logic IT support, have been supporting Wee Gems by providing an outstanding IT support, keeping all our computers, cloud systems running and provided the prices less cyber security solutions to keep all safe at Wee Gems.

Community Champion

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Glendrummonds chartered accountants provide a range of accounting solutions to Wee Gems, they have made running our financial side of the business flawless and very efficient, an exceptional and professional firm of accounts.

Indoor Environment

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Kerry has been photographing our Wee Gems for sometimes now and Kerry has been providing quality photos of the children to the families, our customers have been delighted with the professional service they have received from Kerry.

Outdoor Environment

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RS Landscaping have been behind the creation of all the outstanding Wee Gems’ outdoor areas, ranging from fencing, mono blocking and the amazing Astro-turf grounds allowing the children to play outside in all weathers.

Nursery of the year

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Black and McCorry solicitors have been an amazing support to Wee Gems directors, offering a very cost effective and professional residential and commercial legal advice. If you are buying or selling your home, give Black & McCorry a call, you will not be disappointed.  

Outstanding contribution to childcare

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Audrey Fair is an inspiring lady whose approach has made considerable difference to the others, a pragmatic life coach who can turn your lives around and put you on an inspiring path.

Creation and innovation award

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Thomson dairies are providing local organic milk to all Wee Gems nurseries, the quality of their dairy products is second to none and they are a company who won’t hesitate to support the community.

Special Recognition Award for research and training

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D’Ivoire is a new brand in the ladies skin care products, a totally fresh approach to ladies skin care.