Parents Early Education Partnership or PEEP was set up in 1995 to work with parents and carers to enhance their children’s learning and development from birth, improving their life chances.

PEEP has developed a five-year programme offering developmentally appropriate support for parents and carers. It covers the period from their child’s birth to starting school.

PEEP Programme Aims

1. To promote parents’ and carers’ awareness of children’s very early learning and development through making the most of everyday activities and interactions.

2. To support parents/carers in their relationships with their children, so that the children’s
self-esteem will be enhanced.

3. To affirm the crucial role of parents/carers as children’s first educators.

4. To support parents/carers in the development of their children’s literacy and numeracy.

5. To support parents/carers so that they can encourage the development of positive learning dispositions.

6. To promote and support parents’ and carers’ lifelong learning.

Who is PEEP for??

PEEP is open to all parents and carers who have children aged from birth to 5 years.

What happens at a PEEP group?

Weekly sessions will be held at all our Wee Gems nurseries. The sessions will offer:
• A warm welcome
• Singing and rhyme time
• Story time
• Activity times such as art and crafts, playdough, large physical play, treasure baskets
• An opportunity to chat to other parents and carers
• Ideas for fun play activities at home or out and about

To find out more about a PEEP class at Wee Gems in your area please contact Allanah Cook on 07714 587 171 or email