Our founder/operations director Mahyar Mortazavi visited the Harvard childcare group in November 2011 and entered into a cooperation agreement with them.

This will enable both companies to compare operational procedures and share information in order to improve our level of care and teaching techniques.

Harvard nursery group have 11 branches in China; employing 500 staff; their operation is as large as some international schools in UK and each class room is equipped with a Smart board and they have dedicated sleep areas etc. There is a lot we can learn from them as well as a lot we can teach them.

The Chinese focus on hard work and class room style teaching from 2 years to 6 years old and do not employ or encourage free play within their education as we do in Scotland and on the other hand the children’s level of education and their educational stamina out weights our Scottish system; our director introduced the Curriculum for Excellence to the teacher’s at Harvard in order for them to understand and introduce free play and let children be children. In return he wants to introduce the team building techniques into Wee Gems.

Our children are now able to link via webcam with Chinese children on line and have some serious fun and this allows our children to become cosmopolitan children of the future. This will encourage the children to learn about different cultures and race while understanding different beliefs, values, practice and tradition. We will be working very closely with Harvard management team to bring out the best from both operations in order to improve our care techniques, values, team building and lots more.