Our nursery cook provides the children with a morning snack, two course lunch and afternoon snack.

The nursery menu consists of a four week menu rotated on a weekly basis. This is a very healthy menu which follows the guidelines of Nutritional Guidance for the Early Years and Adventures in Foodland.

Fruit, vegetables and milk are given to the children on a daily basis along with the other food groups. We also cater for children who have allergies or special dietary requirements where possible.

Safety & Hygiene – Procedures & Contractors

We currently employ three different methods in order to maintain the hygiene and safety standards:
We use a company called The National Health & Safety Company for annual inspection on all aspects of Health and Safety and they constantly update us with all new regulations and requirements.

We also use Initial Hygiene to maintain our soap dispensers, mats and nappy disposal, and finally we have a specialist cleaner who comes to the nursery after hours and cleans the nursery to a very high standard.