Baby Room

The Baby Room is designed to accommodate babies from birth to 1 year, holding a maximum of 15 babies a day. The Baby Room is situated in a separate room from the other children in the nursery, which provides a safe and secure environment for your babies. This is well lit with lots of natural light and fresh air available.

The room itself is split, with a soft carpet area for your babies to crawl or toddle about safely and a washable non slip floor where the children can have lunch or take part in any messy activities.

The staff within the Baby Room plan for daily activities although the majority of the day is taken up by general care routines. We aim to follow any routines which are already established at home as much as possible.

Complementing the Baby Room is a sleep area with cots, musical mobiles and soft lighting.

Baby Changing

For baby changing we have a dedicated room situated opposite the Baby Gems Room, which is fully equipped with everything for changing children in a hygienic environment.

We have extensive toilet facilities for older children comprising 8 cubicals, 6 of which have “Mickey Mouse” shaped low childrens’ toilet seats.

All cubicles have colourful panels, and the wash hand basins are lowered and equipped with electronic taps to help encourage children to wash their hands. There are also 2 further changing areas.