Edinburgh Outdoor Area

Now Extended with safety artificial grass for all ages.

The children will be outside on a daily basis with the pre-school children having free access through-out the day to the garden area, this ensures the children are having fresh air and exercise to keep them active and healthy. Our fantastic outdoor area boasts a large Canadian play system, were the children can jump, climb and slide; this area is supported by Astroturf with fall safe height of 6 metres; along with the new timber play system.

The garden consists of lots of equipment to suit the age and stage of children using it. This includes bikes, trikes, scooters, balls and much more physical equipment. We ensure our children are active learners outside, using our garden as an extra classroom. All areas of the curriculum will be followed within the garden and outdoor area including – literacy, numeracy, health and well-being and science.

We also have dedicated baby and tweenies gardens; all areas are fitted with safety flooring.