Wee Gems Premier Childcare
Locations in Edinburgh, Livingston, Armadale & Broxburn
Wee Gems Premier Childcare
Locations in Edinburgh, Livingston, Armadale & Broxburn

Junior Gems Room

The Junior Gems Room is approximately 250 sqm. This is a revolutionary design which allows children to benefit from a large open plan space while still having their own dedicated areas. Again, this room is well lit with lots of natural light provided by 10 large windows situated around the room. More recently the nursery was extended and pre-school now have a portacabin attached to the main hall which can hold 20 children and has direct access to the garden.

The room is split into three sections – 1-2 years, 2–3 years and pre-school – and is decorated with children’s art work and professionally painted murals.

1-2 Years

The Junior Gems one room offers children the chance to develop their independence more. The room is split into two areas, the messy area and the carpet area. In the messy area we offer a wide range of daily activities including: sand, water, painting, jigsaws and construction play.

Many art and crafts activities take part in this area to help the child enjoy creative play while making their own master piece! Messy play also includes other activities such as body painting and jelly play. The carpet area is made up of a physical area so the children can enjoy energetic play indoors, a story corner for the children to enjoy books and quiet time and a house corner for the children enjoy role play. All these areas help the children to develop their imaginative play, social skills while developing numeracy and literacy.

2-3 Years

Junior Gems two room is also split into two areas –messy area and carpet area. Within the messy area the children have a variety of activities out keeping in line with the pre-birth to three curriculum. Daily messy activities include sand, water, painting easel, chalk boards and time when the children can sit down within a group to play games such as matching and sorting and number games.

The messy area turns into the snack and lunch area where the children are becoming more independent while developing their social skills with the other children. The carpet area has lots of different activities within it including a physical area so the children can enjoy different resources that will help with their balance and large motor skills. The carpet area also has an area for construction, role play corner which changes depending on the children’s interests and small world resources which develops their imaginative play. Junior Gems children have story and song time every day within the room and also have regular access to the large outdoor area.

Pre School

The pre-school room is the largest area within the nursery and consists of 2 separate rooms and 4 different areas. The pre-school room follows Curriculum for Excellence which helps educate the children, preparing them for school. Through-out the day the children have the chance to enjoy structured and free flow play. The room has several different areas within in it, the literacy area is an area within the nursery the children can practice their mark making, writing, name recognition and drawing skills with a variety of materials and resources.

The numeracy area can help the children with counting and simple maths skills by using equipment that they can sort, match, weigh and measure. The pre-school area is very proud of its ICT (information and communication technology) and the children have daily use of a SMART board, SMART table, 2 PC’s, an ipad 3 and many more resources that the children can develop their knowledge and understanding of the technology world.

The messy area is a large area within pre-school where the children can be expressive, the children can enjoy: gluing, painting, playdough, clay, scissors, gluk, sand and water. The other areas within the nursery include a science area where the children can experiment and learn about the world around them, small world to develop their imagination and creative side, story corner when the need to quiet time to enjoy books and stories in a large group or on their own and the physical area where they can enjoy being active indoors.

The outdoor area is used on a free access basis and the children can access the area when they like. The nursery provides outdoor suits for all the children so they can enjoy the garden in all weathers!