Wee Gems Premier Childcare
Locations in Edinburgh, Livingston, Armadale & Broxburn
Wee Gems Premier Childcare
Locations in Edinburgh, Livingston, Armadale & Broxburn

General Operations

We have an extensive computer system for monitoring the day-to-day running of the centre where staff can easily access children’s records for any allergies or special requirements.  We have a central cloud based server which allows our branches to trade safety and operational information on daily basis.

Our software is called i-connect where you can view all that happens at the nursery via an App on your smart device.


At Wee Gems Armadale we have a modern and fully equipped kitchen where we cater for all the little ones needs including any special dietary requirements.

Our new Autumn/Winter menu is now available. Click here to download

Quiet Room

This room is designed for children who need to rest during the day. It is equipped with all necessary comfort equipment for sleep or rest. The room is also used for extra-curricular activities such as dancing, drama and music time.

Safety & Hygiene – Procedures and Contractors

We currently employ three different methods in order to maintain the hygiene and safety standards: We use a company called The National Health & Safety Company for annual inspection on all aspects of Health and Safety and they constantly update us with all new regulations and requirements.

We also use Initial to maintain our soap dispensers; nappy waste and finally we have an external cleaning company employed to clean the nursery after hours.


The building has been fitted with the latest CCTV camera system supplied by Scantec Securities, which allows our management to monitor staff and children’s movements at all times. The camera system monitors the playground, main entrance, reception, Baby Gems Room, Junior Gems Room and corridors, and all of which are linked to the main monitoring system at manager’s office in the centre of the building.

The Curriculum

Here at Wee Gems we aim to offer your children the best education they can receive.

From babies to our Junior Gems 2 the children will follow the Pre-birth to Three curriculum using the four key principles – The Rights of the Child, Relationships, Responsive care and Resect with the nine features – Role of the Staff, Attachments, Transitions, Observation, Assessment and Planning, Partnership Working, Health and Well-Being, Literacy and Numeracy, Environments and Play.

Curriculum for Excellence aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18. The curriculum includes the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education, wherever they are being educated.

Curriculum for Excellence ensures that all children can be : Successful learners, Confident individuals, Responsible citizens and Effective Contributors. This is through the curricular areas of: Expressive arts, Health and well-being, Languages, Mathematics, religious and moral education, sciences, social studies and technologies.

Each child within the nursery has a “keyworker” who is responsible for keeping track of your child’s development and completing the necessary development books which are carried throughout the nursery and then in pre-school their Learners Journey which is then carried onto the school your child will attend.

Wee Gems are now offering French and Mandarin classes to the pre-schoolers and this has proved very popular with both parents and children. Also offered at an extra cost for the pre-school children is Drama lessons and mini kickers.