1-2 Years

The 1 – 2’s room can hold a maximum of 18 children and works with a 3 to 1 child to staff ratio. This room is light and spacious with four large windows to let in natural light and ventilation overlooking our tranquil garden. The windows are also at child level so the children can observe anything going on in our nursery garden.

The room is run by the room supervisor and four other staff members. This room consists of a hard messy floor area which allows the children to have sand play, water play and be involved in painting and gluing activities. The soft carpet area allows opportunity for the children to be involved in role play; music and construction.

This room has ample space for climbing frame; slides and other physical activities.

A keyworker system is in place and activities are planned around the pre-birth to 3 curriculum and the children’s development.

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The Main hall 2 to 3’s

The 2 -3’s area is situated in our brightly decorated rooms with lovely views of our gardens. This is a 20 place room with a child to staff ration of 4 to 1. The room is run by a supevisor and five other staff members each with their own key group of children.

The cabin is bright and well ventilated with large windows on both sides. Double doors lead out to the garden area.

All activities planned for the children are more advanced and are planned to extend the children’s learning. A keyworker system is in place with a plan of activities given on a weekly and daily basis.

The staff within the 2-3’s will give you all the help and support required for potty/toilet training.

Rewards charts and progress sheets are completed by the staff so you will know exactly how your child is progressing at this important stage.

Pre School
The preschool room follows Curriculum for Excellence which helps educate the children, preparing them for school. Through-out the day the children have the chance to enjoy structured and free flow play. The room has several different areas within in it, the literacy area is an area within the nursery the children can practice their mark making, writing, name recognition and drawing skills with a variety of materials and resources.

The numeracy area can help the children with counting and simple maths skills by using equipment that they can sort, match, weigh and measure. The pre-school children have daily use of a SMART board and laptop and many more resources that support and develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the technology world.

The messy area is a large area within pre-school where the children can be expressive, the children can enjoy: gluing, painting, playdough, clay, scissors, gluk, sand and water. The other areas within the nursery include a science area where the children can experiment and learn about the world around them, small world to develop their imagination and creative side, story corner when the need quiet time to enjoy books and stories in a large group or on their own. They also have space for physical play where they can enjoy being active indoors.

Our preschool room has double doors leading directly into the garden, this allows the children free access to the outdoor area throughout the day. The nursery provides outdoor suits for all the children so they can enjoy the garden in all weathers!