Our Baby Room provides a relaxed but stimulating environment for babies from birth to 14 Months.

The Baby Room has a separate sleep area with cots and soft lighting and self-contained kitchen area separated by a low fence and gate. The hard floor area provides the babies with a space for messy play and feeding; the soft carpet area allows the babies to crawl and cruise safely.

The baby room can hold a maximum of 12 babies and works on a 3 to 1 child to staff ratio. A Room Co-ordinator leads her team and each baby will have their own keyworker. The keyworker is responsible for recording your child’s development and taking observations for your child’s online learning journals.

We follow the pre-birth to 3 framework to ensure the very best start for our wee gems.

Baby Changing

Our changing area is totally independent of the main rooms with its secure and easy to clean surfaces helping to prevent the spread of infection.

We provide nappies and wipes in our fees.